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Daniel R. Snyder is a writer, a teacher, and an artist, a native of Los Angeles, who years ago immigrated  to Saginaw, Michigan.  He lives with his wife and fellow artist Jennean Kabat, with their cat, Kizzie, near his stepdaughter Megan and his two children, Cassi and Dylan, who still come to visit him on the occasional weekend. When not writing or teaching, Daniel can be found making huge piles of sawdust in his workshop and playing with the barn cats. Contact him at drsnyder1@charter.net.

Jennean is an artist and a librarian who works with many different mediums,
creating one-of-a-kind dried flower arrangements and unique  home decor. She is most well known for her yard angels, which she creates out of found objects.  Her work can be seen  at art shows in the Saginaw area of Michigan. Contact her at jlkabat@charter.net.

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  by Daniel R. Snyder

For almost three hundred years, the Church has maintained order, providing people with a world free from war, but at a  cost: religious
 and political freedom. Now something has changed, something no one could have predicted. Multiple revolutions have begun.
Brother David Sams
wants to save the government, John the Baptist wants to destroy it, and both Christopher Lambeth and the Father President are trapped in the middle, unsure of which is the better solution.  If there is one, will it be the result of technology or a miracle?
In just eleven days, the world will find outů

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The Flow of the River and Other Stories About Love

by Daniel R. Snyder

The contentment of marriage. The wounds of divorce. The joy of family. The loss of a loved one.
  The kindness of strangers. The pain of betrayal. The ending of faith. The beginning of wisdom.
  Meet Jack and Barbara Buchannan, their sons Robert and Dennis, and their families.
 These are their stories, each complete unto itself, but collectively a chronicle of their journey.

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Out of the Barn
Out of the Barn: Junk to Art
by Jennean Kabat and Daniel R. Snyder

Whether you are an artist, a crafter, an environmentalist, or simply someone who enjoys the
handiwork of others, you will enjoy Out of the Barn. Jennean Kabat and Daniel R. Snyder have a
 passion and a mission: to take broken, rusted, abused, neglected, and unwanted refuse--which
 would ordinarily end up in landfills--and turn it into art.  Every work they create has a story behind it,
some many stories, and the authors share them here for your pleasure and entertainment. But most importantly,
they hope that reading this book will inspire you to join them in turning Junk into Art.

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